Alesis Releases iO Dock Firware Update

If you own an Alesis iO dock, head over to their official site to grab the 1.05 firmware update which fixes the sticky notes and hangs which some of you were experiencing. I personally didn’t have these issues on my iPad 2 but if you were one of those people, head over to the site and download the update and firmware updater. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to keep your device up to date with the latest firmware anyway.

It’s great to see Alesis on top of things and continuing support for their amazing iPad transformer. I highly recommend this piece of hardware to any serious iPad musician out there. I can’t praise it enough for the flexibility and sound quality it brings to the table.

Thanks to Distraub over on the forums for bringing this information forward.

3 thoughts on “Alesis Releases iO Dock Firware Update”

  1. I had a problem with “sticky keys” midi lockup when connecting to my Nord Lead 3 and playing sounds from the iPad live. Let’s hope this update helps because I have not been able to use my iPad for sounds in a live situation yet.

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