Android VS iOS!

I bet that headline fired up a lot of you didn’t it? The fact that you’re here reading this article is because that headline sparked something in you.

Well, let me tell you, this article is actually about peace and about how we need to stop treating this Android vs iOS war, the same way as the PC wars of the 90’s. We’re in a new revolution. A post-PC revolution. That’s clear to all of us now. However, there doesn’t need to be a war and there certainly doesn’t need to be a clear winner. We’re musicians…We’re unified in that sense…so no matter what style of music you produce, perform, engineer, sing about or mix – we’re in this together, regardless of your platform of choice…

I’ve heard it all before during the Mac vs PC war. I used to tour and perform on stage with a Windows laptop and other musicians and engineers would call me brave and stupid. Obviously Mac was the first choice for most…Then when I switched to Mac, the complaining from other musicians stopped but it began from work colleagues and friends…”Why did you get a Mac!?” It’s a personal choice. I needed a change. Who cares? We’re back in a similar situation, but this time with smart phones and tablets.

The answer is simple. We need both platforms to thrive. Because if they do, that means that Apple won’t become complaisant and Google will continue to fight to win us as consumers over. For us, that means two tech giants at each other’s throats producing better hardware, better operating systems, adding more features, cheaper prices and better tech.

If you take one side and stick to it, that’s fine, but don’t hate or judge the other side. Don’t put them in a demographic either. This just makes you bitter towards your fellow musician. Music is an art and it’s all about expression. You’re all expressing yourselves daily by selecting which OS and hardware platform you produce on, which equipment you buy, what software you use, what style of music you follow and lastly, what smart phone and tablet you choose. However, when you look at us all as a whole, we’re musicians and we’re in this together.

Individually, we’re all very different people. From different cultures with different beliefs, different foods and different ways of life. So having one option for everyone to adapt to just doesn’t make sense. With that thinking, it certainly doesn’t make sense to force people onto one superior platform of choice. What does make sense though, is that there should be multiple platforms to suit everyone’s needs. Sure we can have a laugh about each platform or take an innocent jab. Heck we can even be critical and vocal about it. We just need to be considerate when we do because it’s all starting to sound very aggressive and personal. One look at the Engadget comments section when Apple launches a new product is all you need to see to know exactly what I’m talking about…

Android has just as many issues as iOS does and both have their strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the day does it really matter which one is ‘better’? Does it really matter which platform is more ‘open’? The real question you should be asking yourself is are you happy with your choice? We’re all consumers and we all have a right to choose which product or platform makes us happy.

I’m an Apple person now. I used to be all Microsoft. In fact, I still work in IT and administer Windows servers and an enterprise Windows 7 environment. Does that mean i come to work and hate? No. I respect each platform. Does this mean Apple is the be all end all platform for me now? Does this mean I’m brainwashed and I’ve drunk the Apple Kool Aid? Certainly not. It means I’m smart enough to respect every platform out there and make a selection based on my needs and my lifestyle.

Music production wise, for me personally, Android isn’t quite there yet. Google hasn’t given it the attention that Apple has. I’m talking about things like CoreMIDI and GarageBand. This means as a musician, right now, Apple’s products speak to me. Having said that, I’m fascinated by Android and I watch it’s movements daily. I want to see it thrive. If it does, then Apple becomes more aggressive and so forth which means in the end – we all win.

Put your guns down people, we’re not at war. It’s bad enough when I see tech people argue over platforms but I just don’t want to see us as musicians making those same mistakes. We should respect all platforms. And hey, if it makes noise – we should embrace it!

Perception is the mother of all conflicts.

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  1. i LOVE android. . . but, regarding audio/music production, Apple is WAY ahead. And it really pains me to say that. The Andriod audio API’s have serious flaws that some devs have spoken/blogged about. I pray that this will change at some point… because not being able to “get under the hood” AT ALL with iOS is driving me crazy!! I like my iPad2 .. for music. If I’m not making music on it, I want to throw it off a bridge.

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